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Art by EvaMariaToker

I’m not the biggest fan of Dany’s, but there’s no denying how much of a central figure she is in A Song of Ice and Fire, which creates a lot of focus on her in the art dedicated to the series, which is also at its best when it comes to her. Drogon crashing in the fighting pit and wrecking havoc is an amazing scene, and this is a beautiful depiction of the moment.

What’s your favorite Daenerys Moment?

One of the more interesting aspects of the whole Manchester United - David Moyes debacle this season has been the split among fans. For the better part of the season, it seemed those calling for Moyes to be fired were the ones watching from afar, not those going to matches in the stadiums. But the losses to Manchester City and Liverpool, both at home and both 3-0, have changed something. Moyes has used money to sign Fellaini and Mata, but both look like shadows of the players they were in different jerseys. He talks about effort, trying and believing. Nothing about tactics. Nothing that gives anyone the suggestion that he isn’t in over his head, and that this job is too big for him. Big clubs have awful seasons - Inter, AC Milan in Italy are huge. Juventus have had bad years. But somehow Manchester United always seemed bulletproof to the changes of time. It turns out it’s just been Ferguson, and suddenly patience and loyalty to tradition, which means letting Moyes stay on for another season doesn’t sound as good to those who supported him earlier in the season.

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